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Advantages of a Double Barrel

  By Luke Brandenburg Why has the double barrel been so successful throughout the history of the shotgun? Thousands of hunters and shooters across the world prefer double barrel shotguns. Here are some of the reasons why! Considering the enormous advancements that have been made in firearms over the years, …

.223 and .308 Bullet Drop and Sighting In

By Jorge Amselle I will start with the assumption that everyone gets the concept of gravity. If you don’t then have a friend throw apples at your head until you do. In shooting, the second the bullet exits the barrel gravity takes hold and starts to pull the bullet down …

New For 2016: Browning Ammo

  It’s no secret that Browning is one of the most recognizable brands in firearms and hunting around the globe. The Buckmark logo triggers instant respect from hunters and shooters everywhere, and Browning firearms have been the favorite of firearm enthusiasts ever since the Browning Auto-5 shotgun revolutionized hunting in …

Why I Shoot The Ruger 10/22

  By Trampas Swanson It’s no secret that perhaps one of the most versatile firearm platforms throughout the history of the cartridge era of ammunition is the .22 caliber rifle, but what keeps it so popular? One firearm leading the way in that category since its introduction to the market …

Mirage: It’s Not What It Seems

  By Guy J. Sagi It doesn’t take a degree in physics or a working knowledge of the theory of relativity to harness the power mirage to improve your shooting. In its most basic application, it can be an advantage in hunting, explain one problem at the range, and, with …

The Proper Target For Hunters

  By John M. Buol Jr. A target records the shooter’s efforts at marksmanship. It catches an arrow or leaves a bullet hole showing you the results. There are many targets on the market for the hunter-shooter to use and we’ll take a look at them here. Bullseye and Sight-in …

Fun Hunting Drills: Two unique range drills for hunters

  By John M. Buol Jr. How many range trips have you witnessed all the other attendees with butts glued firmly to a seat next to a bench rest? Ironically, these same stool shooters will decry conventional bullseye competition events as “boring” and ignore events that test and develop base …

Maximum Distance For Hunters

  By John M. Buol Jr. The most important thing a hunter can learn about field marksmanship is a realistic assessment of personal skill, what sort of shots currently can and can’t be brought off. It is far better to pass up a low percentage shot than to wound an …

Bore Sight Options

  By David Link There are many different ways to deploy a bore sight when zeroing your scope, laser sight or iron sights. The wise shooter knows that it’s best to zero your scope at home before you head out to the range, and there is no better way to …