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Best Pistol Drills 2 – Live Fire

  By John M. Buol Jr. Continued from Best Pistol Drills 1 -Dry Practice. Sustained Fire Once you can slow fire without flinching, as proven by dummy rounds in the Skip Loading drill, and you can shoot three-inch groups at 10 yards slow fire from a standing, unsupported, two-handed stance, …

Best Pistol Drills 1 – Dry Practice

By John M. Buol Jr. Handguns are the most difficult small arm to learn to shoot well. Even if you don’t carry one by choice or profession, improvement with pistol shooting will have positive carry over to shooting other firearms well. It’s been noted for decades that successful pistol shots …

Best Rifle Drills – Part 2

By John M. Buol Jr. Continued from Best Rifle Drills – Part 1. Offhand Position Start with group shooting slow fire from offhand. Note this isn’t the hip-slung, backwards-leaning standing position found in conventional competition. Using High Power as an example, the SR target engaged at 200 yards has a …

Why (and How) I Go to the Range Every Day

By Kip Staton For most people, myself included, handguns are difficult to shoot. Check out my Generation 4 Glock 19 Review that I did a couple years ago. I sort of glossed over actual group sizes in that review, because they were embarrassing (that was wrong of me, by …

The Guns of Cowboy Action Shooting – Part 2

Continued from The Guns of Cowboy Action Shooting – Part 1. Lever Action Force Multiplier Heralded as the “Gun that won the west,” the lever action rifle quickly became a military force multiplier during the American Civil War. The U.S. Army previously employed slow to reload rifles such as the …

Going Back To Your Shooting Roots

  By Seth R. Nadel Every so often, you realize that your shooting abilities are not what they used to be. No matter what your current game, you just are not where you want to be, where you used to be. Things need to change, but what? As Americans, we …

Gun Range Etiquette

  A visit to your local gun range can be great fun, and it’s a valuable way to hone your marksmanship skills in a comfortable environment. However, if you or a fellow range visitor don’t adhere to basic range etiquette, the environment can quickly become uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor …

The Guns of the Smoothbore Virtuoso – Part 1

By Tony Martins, with Patrick Flanigan In his excellent 2-part series, “The Guns of…” Seth Nadel defined the Pistolero and the Rifle Maestro as persons who are reasonably expert with all kinds of handguns and rifles, adding they “…can turn in a credible performance with any make, model and caliber.” …

Training For The Fight – Target Selection

  By Seth R. Nadel In the beginning, there were round targets called “bullseyes,” a reference to their similarity to the eye of a bull. We shot handguns at them from 20, 25, or 50 yards, and the guns were held in one hand. Even though this was how the …