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AUTOMATIC? How Can I Get One?

  By Seth R. Nadel Continued from AUTOMATIC?! What Does That Mean? Earlier I touched on the process – here it is in more detail. First, check your State laws – but don’t just ask a Cop, as they may not know the facts. Read the actual statues, as they …

AUTOMATIC? What Does That Mean?

  By Seth R. Nadel Since this is an election cycle, lots of firearms terms are being thrown around that neither side really understands. In the area of firearms, there are a large number of terms, phrases, and acronyms that need to be fully understood in every conversation. The first …

Sound Suppressors Explained

By Mike Searson One of the most misunderstood and controversial accessories for shooting enthusiasts in the United States are sound suppressors, more popularly known as silencers. Throughout most of the rest of the world they are as regulated as an automobile muffler and can be bought over the counter with …