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5 Best 9mm Pistols for Concealed Carry

The 9mm pistols are compact, lightweight, accurate and perfect for self-defense use. That is why they are the ideal choice for concealed carry. A large number of gun manufacturers produce various types of 9mm guns, and it is very easy to get lost in such variety. To help you out …

ASP Street Defender Review

By Carlos Huerta When I’m leaving the house, even if I don’t have a firearm on me, I at least make sure I have a non-lethal weapon on me. It’s better to be prepared with something then leave with nothing. Lately, I’ve been trying out the Street Defender OC Kubaton …

Inoculate Your Mind And Body Against Panic Dumps

By Linda M. Gilbertson Panic Dumps can be described in two ways. First is the inability to respond to a threat with a firearm due to emotional panic. The second is the inability to stop trigger pull when the threat dissipates, due to physical panic. These Panic Dumps deal …

Explore Different Shooting Stances

What is your stance (and does it matter)? By Seth R. Nadel In the beginning, there was but one stance for shooting a handgun. You held the gun in one hand, one side toward your target, and fired. Your feet were spread about shoulder’s width apart, and your weak side …

Why You Need A Trauma Kit

By Carlos Huerta If you’re carrying a firearm, your EDC should also include a trauma kit. It doesn’t matter how big or what type. It needs to be with you. Statistically, you are more likely to face a medical emergency than a gunfight. Having a medical kit on your person …

Sabre Red Pepper Spray Review

  By Carlos Huerta When it comes to pepper sprays and OC spray, the #1 most trusted brand would have to be Sabre. Pepper sprays are a common everyday carry for stay at home moms, college students, and any other busy lifestyles. OC sprays are utilized by law enforcement and …

Preplanning Distractions In Self Defense

By Linda M. Gilbertson Everyone is vulnerable when approached by unknown individuals. Are they nefarious? Are they just “ordinary Joes” trying to get through life? Are they a threat or not? These are questions which you should always consider. However, many adults are preoccupied and not paying attention to …

CCW In The Winter – A Male Perspective

By Seth R. Nadel Ah winter, when you can easily wear a outer garment – or two or three. Layering was finally adopted by the Military in World War II, and it is almost universal when the temperature plummets. The down side is how to access your defensive handgun under …

CCW In The Winter – A Woman’s Perspective

By Linda M. Gilbertson With the temperature dropping, the wind blowing and the snow falling, I don extra clothing to be comfortable when I leave my home.  If I carry a concealed firearm on-body, getting to it when I need to draw it from my holster may be a …