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Home Defense – Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun

By Vic Laboy You’re enjoying a late-night movie with your spouse or resting on your day off when you’re startled by the sound of glass shattering. After investigating, you discover a home invasion is in progress and you must defend yourself against an attacker. What is your go-to home defense …

Hoppe’s Boresnake Review

By Jerry Moody It’s no secret that firearm maintenance is a key part of owning any gun. It’s always been especially interesting to me as a big fan of Hoppe’s cleaning products. I firmly believe in their cleaning systems and have a long history of routine experiences with them. So …

M16 – Owning A Classic

By Carlos Huerta The M16 rifle is the longest serving weapon in military history, and to this day, it continues to evolve. The M16 was the US military’s adoption of the civilian AR-15 developed by Eugene Stoner in the late 1950s. In early-mid 1960s, it became the standard-issue infantry rifle, …

Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927-A1 Review

By Trampas Swanson Imagine what is must have been like to walk the streets of a big city like Chicago during the Roaring Twenties with Prohibition still in full swing. In those days, it seemed all the criminals had nicknames like Baby-face, Bugsy and Machine Gun to go along with …

The Four Rules of Firearm Safety

The four key rules of firearm safety and why they are important.  By Vic Laboy Most everything we do in life is governed by a set of rules. From traffic lights to office protocols, rules are inescapable. In the firearms industry there are four rules everyone should know and exercise …

MagnetoSpeed M-Series Grip Review

  By Trampas Swanson Without a doubt, the AR-15 is one of the most versatile firearms ever created in history. So with it, there isn’t any wonder why it also has the widest offering of aftermarket parts on the market. Everything from lights, lasers, free float handguards, optics and on …

Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter Review

By Trampas Swanson Over the past fifty years, warriors have been trying to come up with new and inventive ways to shorten the standard AR15 platform. One of the main reasons to have a shorter rifle comes in the form of transportation logistics. When going about in public with a …

Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit Review

  By Guy J. Sagi There are more dramatic ways to reduce the accuracy and reliability of a firearm when afield, but dirt, grime, mud and gunk are the most frequent culprits. If you’re a hunter or competitive shooter, the odds are good you’ve found yourself frustrated by a performance …

RUGER PC Carbine 9mm Rifle Review

  By Trampas Swanson Sometimes in life, the best new idea is simply an old one re-imagined from a different point of view. In the firearms industry, no company better illustrates that creative mindset than Ruger Firearms. In 1996, Ruger first released an innovative, semi-automatic carbine rifle aimed at the …