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Smith And Wesson 638 Airweight Review

By Trampas Swanson When I started my law enforcement career at the turn of this century, I was blessed to be surrounded by old war horses in the form of Sergeants and Lieutenants serving their last years on the job awaiting retirement. Most of these seasoned officers started their careers after coming …

Heritage Rough Rider Single Action .22LR Review

By Jerry Moody My love for revolvers is a newfound one. Revolvers, AKA “wheel guns,” scream “class” with their retro / modern coolness. There is something about the sound a wheel gun makes when you cock the hammer. The cylinder rotates a cartridge into place with clock-like precision, and then …

Six Best Handguns for Hunting

  By Pete Rogers Selecting the right handgun for big game hunting can be daunting. There are so many excellent choices. Narrowing this down to five is going to leave some out. Here is a list of some of the finest handguns available for big game hunters. The choices are …

TOP FIVE – Revolvers

By Vic Laboy Most of your modern-day firearms are commonly associated with semi-automatic configurations. Whether you are a Sig Sauer, Glock, or even Smith & Wesson fans, it is hard to forget that revolvers, otherwise known as “wheel guns,” are still widely available and offered in a variety of sizes …

Ruger Super Redhawk Revolver / Leupold VX-3 Scope Review

By Trampas Swanson Perhaps one of the best things about hunting I have discovered is the amazing opportunities the sport offers. For a true outdoorsman, not only do you get to enjoy the great outdoors, but hunting also tests one’s marksmanship to assure a clean and humane kill. As I …

Taurus Raging Bull Revolver Review

By Pete Rogers Several years ago, I read an article about hunting with a pistol. I was intrigued. Until that time, I never thought of a pistol, or handgun, as a weapon used for killing animals. I always saw them as a personal protection gun and one for the range. …

The Guns of Cowboy Action Shooting – Part 1

By Trampas Swanson Perhaps one of America’s most storied times in U.S. history is that of the fabled “Old West.” Wrapped in gallant tales of both fact and fiction of the 1800’s North American frontier, legendary figures such as Tom Horn, Wyatt Earp and Jessie James span both sides of …