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Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) Review

  By Kip Staton One niche that remained unfilled within Trijicon’s rather diverse product line for quite some time was a red dot that could fill the role of a primary optic on a long gun, that was also price-competitive with offerings from the competition. In order to address this …

Vortex Pistol Red Dots: Venom & Viper

  By Trampas Swanson One of the hottest trends in the firearms industry over the past two years has clearly become the handgun mounted red dot. As a long-time staple of Unlimited Class competition pistols, the manufacturers have found ways to make the red dots smaller and more durable to …

Brand Loyalty – 5 Brands I Stick By: Kip Staton

  By Kip Staton One of the unique things about the firearms and outdoors consumer industry is that we don’t really need a lot of this stuff. Once your 2A-defense-of-the-homeland/civilization-meltdown gear is squared away, a ninth or tenth AR-15 just doesn’t quite fall into the same budget category as new …

Achieving the Ultimate Shot Pattern for Turkey Hunting

  By Nancy Jo Adams As a turkey hunter, it is the responsibility of the hunter to make an ethical shot for the swiftest kill. The most important thing every turkey hunter should know before entering the woods is the performance of their shotgun, choke and ammunition combination. The only …

Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part 2: In Use

  By Kip Staton Continued from: Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part One: Overview In Use Despite all the hype surrounding the launch and initial sales of the D-EVO and LCO, there’s nothing really extraordinary about actually using them. Yes, there is the pleasant phenomenon of having both-sight-pictures-at-the-same-time, but at the …

Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part 1: Overview

  By Kip Staton The AR-15 family of weapons has proven to be the most versatile set of rifles ever devised. They’re equally at home clearing a small, dusty room in the Middle East or harvesting game in the Eastern United States. These guns have little else to prove and …

The Basics On Back Up Sights

  By Mike Searson There was a time in the history of shooting when all training was performed with iron sights. Optics on a rifle used to be considered exotic and used by snipers, sharpshooters or designated marksmen. This began to change after night vision became accepted by the US …

Reticles: Mil-Dot Versus MOA

  By Jorge Amselle I hate to keep bringing up the old days but it is true. Food tasted better, people had manners and didn’t dress like bums (even the actual bums) and everything cost a nickel. Rifle scopes were also much simpler affairs with fixed magnification and a plain …

Rifle Scope Or Red Dot? Which To Choose

  By David Link It may sound like a simple question, or even a no-brainer, but the conundrum of choosing a rifle scope vs. red dot / reflex sight can be a difficult decision for some, especially if they plan to shoot only shorter distances. Personal preference is usually the …