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Beretta ARX100 And ARX160: Fraternal Twins

  By Guy J. Sagi Beretta’s ARX 100 and ARX 160 have the sculpted lines racing enthusiasts have come to expect from exotic Italian cars—without the price tag. The latter rimfire’s similarity to the 5.56 NATO version also allows inexpensive practice that accurately reflects centerfire drills, although the siblings have …

Prohibited By Amazon: Gun Slings

  You can get everything on Amazon, right? The world’s largest internet retailer has an astonishing amount of products for sale, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 million items today. One could say Amazon sells products for almost every lifestyle, hobby and legal activity out there. However, there is …

The Myth of Light, Small & Pink

  By Linda M. Gilbertson Years ago I went to a police range to do some shooting.  I was a Special Agent with the Treasury Department at the time.  I was practicing with a .45 when approached by a gentleman, also in Law Enforcement.  He told me that if …

Heckler & Koch: Universal Service Pistol

  By Trampas Swanson Perhaps one the most prestigious names in the world today for top quality military, law enforcement and civilian firearms production is the German defense manufacturing company of Heckler & Koch GmbH also known around the world by their initials, HK. Rising from the post WWII ashes …

6 Great Options For Youth Model Shotguns

  Teaching responsible firearm ownership is more important than ever today, and it all starts with early exposure to firearms as a youth. You can teach the basic principals of firearm safety and function on a full-sized firearm, but when it comes to learning how to properly handle a firearm, …

Go BIG With Barronett – Pentagon Blind Review

  By Nancy Jo Adams The exceptionally keen eyesight of most wildlife, especially wild turkey, makes it important for hunters to be as concealed as possible in the woods. Often, wildlife will see hunters long before a hunter ever had a clue the game animal was even in the vicinity. …

Historic Firearms: 20 Gauge Hammer Gun

  By Pete Rogers “A gun without hammers is like a spaniel without ears.” King George V said circa 1920 in reference to the modern shotgun. No doubt the look of a double gun with hammers is breathtaking. The curves of the hammer, the sound of the cocking and the …

The Guns Of Today’s Rifle “Maestro”

  By Seth R. Nadel I have previously written about the guns of a “Pistolero,” which I defined as a person who is reasonably expert with all kinds of handguns. Handed in any kind of handgun, modern or historic, the Pistolero knows how to operate most of them, and can …

Brand Loyalty – 5 Brands I Stick By: Kip Staton

  By Kip Staton One of the unique things about the firearms and outdoors consumer industry is that we don’t really need a lot of this stuff. Once your 2A-defense-of-the-homeland/civilization-meltdown gear is squared away, a ninth or tenth AR-15 just doesn’t quite fall into the same budget category as new …