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The Guns of a Federal Agent – Long Guns And Custom Guns

Continued from The Guns Of A Federal Agent – Pistols. By Seth Nadel Early on, before I worked on the Southern border, Agents carried a lot of different long guns. These included WWII M3 .45 caliber “grease guns” and Thompson Submachine guns, M1 carbines, and early AR15’s. Even personal hunting …

Going Back To Your Shooting Roots

  By Seth R. Nadel Every so often, you realize that your shooting abilities are not what they used to be. No matter what your current game, you just are not where you want to be, where you used to be. Things need to change, but what? As Americans, we …

Expectations Can Lead To Disaster!

By Seth R. Nadel What you expect to happen is colored by your personal history, your background, training, and experience. Around guns, your expectation can lead to all kinds of unexpected, and undesirable, results. Expecting a gun to be unloaded – or loaded – when it is not is one …

Caching And Burying Firearms

The idea of burying your guns underground seems crazy to some, but for many, it’s a logical decision to be evaluated, especially in today’s political climate. We imagine the founding fathers would adamantly support this decision even today. However you don’t just want to wrap your firearm in plastic, throw …

Ditch The Concealed Carry Purse – Part 3

Bra, Waist, Thigh and Ankle Holsters By Linda M. Gilbertson Well, I still haven’t ditched the Concealed Carry Purse.  I determined in Part I and Part II that even though there are many different methods for women to conceal firearms on their person, very few of those methods would …

Bullpup Basics

By Seth R. Nadel Bullpup – what an odd name for something that has nothing to do with either cattle or dogs. A Bullpup is a rifle or shotgun, where the action lies behind the trigger group. This allows a long barrel in a short overall length firearm. The very …

The Guns of the Smoothbore Virtuoso – Part 1

By Tony Martins, with Patrick Flanigan In his excellent 2-part series, “The Guns of…” Seth Nadel defined the Pistolero and the Rifle Maestro as persons who are reasonably expert with all kinds of handguns and rifles, adding they “…can turn in a credible performance with any make, model and caliber.” …

My Top Five Gun Brands: Guy Sagi

By Guy J. Sagi Companies invest millions to attract customers and build the kind of brand loyalty to keep them coming back. The firearm industry does it, too, but the approach is slightly different because gun owners aren’t as fad driven as the typical consumer. If we surrender to an …

Shooting Gets A Bum-Wrap At The Olympics!

  By Linda M. Gilbertson Little is known of the shooting events at the Olympics. Although they require tremendous stamina and discipline, they are given a ‘Bum-Wrap’ by the media specifically, and society in general.  The rifle, pistol and shotgun are demonized and their involvement in the most prestigious …