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Benchmade Anthem 781 Knife Review

  A true performer in production EDC knives, the Benchmade Anthem is an unforgettable knife that you’ll want to carry for a lifetime. By David Link Let’s face it, a lot of knives are labeled EDC (every day carry) these days. It’s a fashionable word to use, especially for flashlight …

Benchmade Triage 917BK Knife Review

Designed with first responders in mind, the Benchmade Triage seamlessly melds the best EDC and emergency tools into one smart knife.  By David Link How many of us are truly prepared for the unexpected, especially a life-threatening emergency? First responders no doubt are, but the rest of us are often …

Benchmade Rift 950BK Knife Review

The Benchmade Rift 950BK is a premier tactical and EDC knife from one of the world’s top knife manufacturers. By David Link Every year at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, it never fails. Even with gentle reminders from the staff, people always cut themselves at the Benchmade booth. Benchmade knives …

Boker Plus Bushcraft XL Knife Review

By David Link The Boker Plus Bushcraft XL Knife is a strong, streamlined fixed-blade knife well worth taking with you into the backcountry. Bushcraft knives are truly in a category of their own. Just like EDC knives designed for first responders, you want to choose a bushcraft knife you can …

Best Hunting Knives For Your Trophy

By Pete Rogers As the morning light eased away the darkness. Small shadows gradually grew longer by the second. When there was enough light in the oak ridge I picked up my rattling antlers and began attacking the antlers with force. Everything happened so fast. I am still not sure …

Bear And Son Baby Bowie 500D 1/2 Knife Review

  Sleek western styling, a gorgeous stag bone handle and top quality Damascus steel highlight this small fixed blade knife with a lot on display. By David Link Bear and Son Cutlery is a family-owned company from Alabama, and they pride themselves on their commitment to craftsmanship. While many knife …

SOG Kiku Assisted Knife Review

  By Jared Peltz For the readers who caught our review of the Q Series Multi-tools from SOG Tools, you’ll be glad to know they weren’t the only items the Swanson Media Group staff members were able to put their hands on at SHOT SHOW earlier this year from the …

Knives For Your Hunt

By Pete Rogers Ask any outdoorsman or woman to make a list of the essentials they carry on every hunt, whether they are hunting squirrels on the back forty, or backpacking into a remote area of the Bob Marshall wilderness. Chances are high that this list will include some kind …

Havalon EXP Knife Review

  By David Link Havalon has been a leader in hunting knives for years, but their newest knife builds upon the company’s strengths while branching out in a new direction. We review their new every day carry model, the Havalon EXP. The EXP is Havalon’s first everyday carry (EDC) knife, …