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Game Profiles: Dabbling Ducks

  By Luke Brandenburg Many of the most beautiful and abundant ducks in North America are dabblers (not divers). Learn what makes them different and how to better hunt them! Every year, thousands of hunters across the country set up beside ponds, streams, wetlands and swamps to get their shot …

The Alaska-Yukon Moose

  By Pete Rogers The Alaska-Yukon moose is the largest member of the deer family in North America. Among the three huntable subspecies of moose in North America, the Alaska-Yukon is the largest of the lot. The range of the Alaska-Yukon moose covers most of Alaska, the Yukon and the …

Big Game Profile: Rocky Mountain Elk

  By Tony Martins The majestic Rocky Mountain elk is truly a North American icon. If you have never experienced the powerful whistling, growling “bugle” and courtship behavior of a love-sick bull you have missed one of the true wonders of nature. European explorers named these large deer “elk” as …

Mirage: It’s Not What It Seems

  By Guy J. Sagi It doesn’t take a degree in physics or a working knowledge of the theory of relativity to harness the power mirage to improve your shooting. In its most basic application, it can be an advantage in hunting, explain one problem at the range, and, with …

Fun Hunting Drills: Two unique range drills for hunters

  By John M. Buol Jr. How many range trips have you witnessed all the other attendees with butts glued firmly to a seat next to a bench rest? Ironically, these same stool shooters will decry conventional bullseye competition events as “boring” and ignore events that test and develop base …

Hunting With Airguns

  By Tony Martins Interest in hunting with airguns is growing. In fact, this is one of the few segments of the hunting industry that is growing, and for good reasons. Airguns are safer and quieter than firearms, they are less expensive to shoot and ammo is readily available, and …

Maximum Distance For Hunters

  By John M. Buol Jr. The most important thing a hunter can learn about field marksmanship is a realistic assessment of personal skill, what sort of shots currently can and can’t be brought off. It is far better to pass up a low percentage shot than to wound an …

Airguns: They’re Not Just For Kids (Anymore)

  By Tony Martins For generations boys and girls have learned valuable lessons from the BB-gun. Those who didn’t have one wanted one. Despite the famous Hollywood narrative “… you’ll shoot your eye out” in the classic 1983 movie “A Christmas Story,” millions of kids continue to learn personal responsibility …

Timed Shooting And The Big Game Hunter

  By John M. Buol Jr. Anyone with a brain realizes hunters need at least a basic level of marksmanship competence. Despite the fact that organized conservation hunting has been conducted in this country for over a century and hunter safety programs have been proffered for over six decades, there …