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BEST OF SHOT for HUNTING – 2019 Part 2

By Tony Martins Hunters are explorers by nature. Just imagine the joy in exploring more than 2400 exhibits over four full days at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show! A few more of the best new products I found for hunters and hunting applications at …

Vortex Fury HD Review

By Trampas Swanson As a life long outdoorsman, I have had the good fortune to enjoy hunting and fishing for almost four decades now. Since I was 4 years old, my dad, Rick Swanson and Grandpa, Charlie Swanson had me catching fish for dinner, camping, hiking and joining them on …

Hunting Southern Quail – Shotguns, Dogs And Mr. Bob

By Pete Rogers Growing up in the South has its advantages. Grits swimming in butter, sweet iced tea, and bobwhite quail hunting all highlight a life lived in the pines and rolling hills of South Carolina. Sadly, throughout most of my life, the bobwhite quail hunting has become more of …

TruGlo® Hip•Shot™ Adaptive Shooting Rest Review

By Nancy Jo Adams Stalk-hunting game on any terrain can be challenging when the shot presents itself. Often the opportunity can present itself quickly, whereas other times a shooter may have to wait an extended time for the perfect presentation, a firearm at the ready. Then there are situations where …

Hawke Sport Optics XB1 SR Crossbow Scope Review

By Nancy Jo Adams Not so long ago, the topic of crossbow hunting was met with controversial discussion and was often debated among hunters. Many states only allowed the elderly or those with a physical impairment to hunt with a crossbow by permit. It took several years for crossbows to …

Taurus Raging Bull Revolver Review

By Pete Rogers Several years ago, I read an article about hunting with a pistol. I was intrigued. Until that time, I never thought of a pistol, or handgun, as a weapon used for killing animals. I always saw them as a personal protection gun and one for the range. …

GHG Jekyll & Hyde Decoy by Avery Outdoors Review

By Nancy Jo Adams If you are an avid turkey hunter, you are sure to own several turkey decoys, if not your own large flock. Every season, new decoys hit the market; some new and improved, and others just a little different. I have always been drawn to the something …

Chasing The Turkey Grand Slam

  By Pete Rogers Turkey Hunting is one of America’s greatest challenges. Found in 49 states, the wild turkey is one of the most addictive and challenging game animals to pursue. Currently, the National Wild Turkey Federation recognizes five subspecies in the continental United States: The Eastern, Osceola (Florida), Merriam’s, …

TruGlo Turkey Hunting Shotgun Sights Review

TruGlo® Fiber-Optic Shotgun Sights are Ideal for Turkey Hunting. By Nancy Jo Adams If you purchase a new field or sporting series shotgun from any reputable brand, it will most likely come equipped with a fiber-optic bead or a fiber-optic front and rear sight. Fiber-optic sights work well in improving …