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Ideal Conceal’s Smartphone Derringer Already Making Waves

A new firearm company, Ideal Conceal, has been thrust to the front of the gun control debate with the announcement of a smartphone shaped conceal and carry pistol. The cellphone shaped pistol consists of a double-barrelled derringer chambered in .380. When the safety is engaged or the pistol is “locked,” …

AUTOMATIC? How Can I Get One?

  By Seth R. Nadel Continued from AUTOMATIC?! What Does That Mean? Earlier I touched on the process – here it is in more detail. First, check your State laws – but don’t just ask a Cop, as they may not know the facts. Read the actual statues, as they …

AUTOMATIC? What Does That Mean?

  By Seth R. Nadel Since this is an election cycle, lots of firearms terms are being thrown around that neither side really understands. In the area of firearms, there are a large number of terms, phrases, and acronyms that need to be fully understood in every conversation. The first …

The EOTech Holographic Sight

  By Mike Searson The EOTech is similar to a red dot sight in principle but works on a completely different theory. The technology behind the EOTech comes from Synthetic Aptitude Radar (SAR) as used on modern fighter jets for weapon systems. A laser is used to generate and project …

No More Posts About Gun Sales Says Facebook, Instagram

  This past week Facebook and Instagram announced that they would no longer allow private or person to person gun sales on their platforms. This new update in policy by Facebook only strengthens their existing gun sales restrictions. In the past few years sponsored posts or links to Facebook pages …

Contrary To Obama’s Press Conference – Online Gun Purchases Do Require Background Checks

  Today President Obama convened a press conference to announce his new plan to reduce gun violence. Before announcing his plan, the President grudgingly prefaced how difficult the gun control debate can be: “There is a ritual about this whole thing that I have to do. I believe in the …

The Controversy Over Lead Ammunition In Hunting

  The controversy over lead ammunition has flared up again recently, and although the measure to add lead bullets to the EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was again struck down by Congress, there are still advocacy groups calling for a ban on all lead bullets for hunting. This year …

Magazines: Understanding Capacity Restrictions

Magazine capacity restrictions are a hotly debated topic today, and like it or not, you have to factor them in when you’re shopping for a variety of firearms including rifles and pistols. We take a second to examine many of the bans in place today as well as the history …

The Importance of Extra Ammo?

By Jason Herbert Recently while reading James Wesley Rawles book Patriots I got to thinking… about a lot of things. The book details in very realistic fiction how fragile the U.S. economy is, and how quickly it could collapse. At that point our paper currency as we know it is …