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Do I Need A Backup Gun?

  By Seth R. Nadel From time to time, this question comes up – should I carry two (or more) guns? Most often, it comes from someone who either has read Clint Smith’s famous quote: ‘Two is one, and one is none,” or these days, from someone who fears their …

Training For The Fight – Target Selection

  By Seth R. Nadel In the beginning, there were round targets called “bullseyes,” a reference to their similarity to the eye of a bull. We shot handguns at them from 20, 25, or 50 yards, and the guns were held in one hand. Even though this was how the …

Survival 101 – Part 1: Be Aware, Stay Alive!

  By Linda M. Gilbertson When you’re talking about Personal Protection, the most important aspect is Situational Awareness.  If you’re not paying attention, you can’t recognize a threat and avoid a confrontation.  It sounds reasonable, but many instructors don’t consider it important.  To them what is important is the …

Ideal Conceal’s Smartphone Derringer Already Making Waves

A new firearm company, Ideal Conceal, has been thrust to the front of the gun control debate with the announcement of a smartphone shaped conceal and carry pistol. The cellphone shaped pistol consists of a double-barrelled derringer chambered in .380. When the safety is engaged or the pistol is “locked,” …

Your First Firearm Purchase: General Guidelines

  You’ve decided to purchase your first firearm, and today more than ever it can be difficult to get sound, no-nonsense advice on what to do. There are plenty of people who will wonder why you need it or if it is a necessary purchase, but we won’t go into …

Revolvers -and- Semi-Autos

  By Seth R. Nadel Long ago (well, not that long ago, 1970) and far away (in Boston, Mass. actually), I began a career as a Special Agent (Criminal Investigator) for U.S. Customs. I was already a gun owner, competitive shooter, and CCW holder. In those days when the people …

When It Is Your First Time To Carry Concealed

  By Seth R. Nadel The first time you carry a handgun concealed means you have past two milestones. One is universal – you have decided that you are your own First Responder – that when a threat is here, the police may be way over there. The second is …

Taurus 709 Slim Review

  By Jason Herbert I recently exercised my right to carry in Michigan and went with a few friends to take a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) class. I found the class very informative and helpful. After the class, I waited a few months due to finances, and then I finally …

How To Select A Conceal And Carry Holster For Women

  Women who CCW, or carry a concealed weapon, are presented with new challenges as they evaluate holsters, but they can also benefit from distinct advantages that are not typically available to men. If you are a woman new to CCW, first you need to consider whether you want to …