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Exploring The Use Of Force: Part 1

  The last thing you ever want to do. By Seth R. Nadel People want to be left alone, to live their lives, make their living, and enjoy life as they wish. No rational person desires to use force against another human. But at times, the actions of others leave …

List Of Popular Ammo Brands

  The selection of the right ammunition brand is and always will be a matter of personal preference. Some shooters will try a brand, absolutely despise its performance, and never touch it again. Others will be a little less picky and shop based upon current availability and price. That said, …

The US Springfield 1873 .45/70 Trapdoor Rifle

  By Pete Rogers Every year gun manufacturers introduce new and exciting models for hunters and shooters to get excited about. Different calibers, different designs, actions, stocks, triggers, etc. More and more enticing features to cause us to line up and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get the …

Selecting A Versatile AR Lower Receiver

  By Jorge Amselle One of the greatest things about the AR platform is just how incredibly versatile it can be. Since the only part of the rifle that is legally considered a gun is the lower receiver (which contains the fire control group) and since it is so simple …

The Benelli MP 95E Atlanta

  By Mike Searson Every shooter has a list of firearms that will end up in his will. That is: they will never be sold under any circumstances whatsoever. The shooter will live under a bridge with those guns stashed somewhere before he sells one to pay for a meal …

The Anatomy Of A Rifle Scope

  By David Link If this is your first rifle scope purchase, then you need to familiarize yourself with all the basic parts of a rifle scope. Even if this isn’t your first purchase, it never hurts to brush up on your rifle scope anatomy if you’re not familiar with …

Hunting With Airguns

  By Tony Martins Interest in hunting with airguns is growing. In fact, this is one of the few segments of the hunting industry that is growing, and for good reasons. Airguns are safer and quieter than firearms, they are less expensive to shoot and ammo is readily available, and …

The History Of The Shotgun

  By Luke Brandenburg Did you know that the first ancestors of the modern-day shotgun were developed over 450 years ago? The powerful shotguns we know and love today have a very long and interesting history behind them. The modern shotguns we know today come from a long, proud history …

Give 10 Minutes This 4th Of July

  By Seth R. Nadel JULY! The real summer time is here. Time for picnics, barbeques, hikes, swimming, and all the vacation things you have been thinking of all winter. And the month kicks off with the grand holiday, the three day weekend of the 4th of July! Parades, hot …