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Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56 i Review

  By Kip Staton From what I can see, many of the recent innovations in rifle optics have largely steered clear of the hunting market. These past few years have seen things like advanced reticles, amazing zoom rations and mil-based systems largely taking over the long range tactical/practical market segments. …

Remington 870 Shotgun – Review Of A Classic

  By Trampas Swanson With all the talk about gun control, terrorism and home defense going on in the world media today, now more than ever, people are taking a stand for their own protection. With that being said, I thought it was time to take a look at one …

How Do We Shoot? (Really, How Do We Hit) – Part 2

  Continued from: How Do We Shoot (Really, How Do We Hit) – Part 1. By Seth Nadel The Critical Importance of Grip When I started shooting back in the dark ages, everyone “knew” that semi-automatic guns, both rifles and pistols, were not accurate unless refined by an (expensive) Master …

How Do We Shoot? (Really, How Do We Hit)

  By Seth R. Nadel We all need to think about the actual process of shooting – how does a human manage to hold a mechanical device, a rifle, pistol, or shotgun, and arrange to deliver a projectile or projectiles at a distance with some degree of accuracy? I’ll primarily …


  By Tony Martins In Part 1 of Best Of SHOT 2018 – Hunting, we reviewed some of the best new hunting implements and projectiles that I ran across on the exhibit floor at the 2018 SHOT Show. In Part 2, we take a look at hunting gear and accessories …

SHOT Show 2018: Best of the Best

  By Trampas Swanson Over the past few weeks, has posted some fantastic views and commentary from the recent industry-only annual trade show in Las Vegas, NV aptly titled, SHOT SHOW 2018. These daily posts covered tons of new products coming for this fiscal year but can hardly capture …

Best Of SHOT Show 2018 – Top Products

  By Pete Rogers The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show wrapped up its annual trade show in Las Vegas, NV in late January and the floor was full of new products for 2018. The future looks bright for everyone who loves the shooting and hunting sports. Here are some of …


By Tony Martins Touted as one of the “best ever,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2018 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show is now in the books. From humble beginnings with 5600 attendees in St. Louis in 1979, SHOT has grown to become the largest trade show of its kind …

Best Of SHOT Show 2018 From The Editor

  By David Link This year marked the 40th anniversary of SHOT Show, the largest industry convention centered around firearms, ammunition and outdoor gear. From the first SHOT Show in St. Louis to the now established home of the show in Las Vegas, the convention has showcased countless developments in …