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Desert Eagle .50 AE Review

  By Trampas Swanson Rarely does a firearm come along that is so unusual and powerful, it manages to transcend the firearms industry to become recognized worldwide by shooters and non-shooters alike. Due to television shows such as Miami Vice, The Shield and The Walking Dead as well as movies …

GHG Jekyll & Hyde Decoy by Avery Outdoors Review

  By Nancy Jo Adams If you are an avid turkey hunter, you are sure to own several turkey decoys, if not your own large flock. Every season, new decoys hit the market; some new and improved, and others just a little different. I have always been drawn to the …

Springfield XDS Pistol Review

By Vic Laboy In the world of concealed carry, most are searching for a firearm that not only feels good in the hand but is easy to conceal. If you are a first-time buyer, the choices are seemingly endless, making it difficult to decide on an ideal carry model. For …

Sig Sauer P320 Post-Recall Review – 2,000 Round Reliability Check

By Kip Staton I am not a gear geek. I quit pursuing the latest and greatest guns and AR accessories when I discovered I like shooting more than collecting. I’ve got one primary handgun and rifle, with a Ruger Predator thrown in when I need something accurate to review …

Henry Lever Action .22 Carbine Review

  By Trampas Swanson There are few companies in the firearms industry as family oriented as that of Henry Repeating Arms. From the very start of business 1993, it has been the intention of the company, the founding president Louis Imperato and the now president, Anthony Imperato to focus on …

Chasing The Turkey Grand Slam

  By Pete Rogers Turkey Hunting is one of America’s greatest challenges. Found in 49 states, the wild turkey is one of the most addictive and challenging game animals to pursue. Currently, the National Wild Turkey Federation recognizes five subspecies in the continental United States: The Eastern, Osceola (Florida), Merriam’s, …

TruGlo Turkey Hunting Shotgun Sights Review

TruGlo® Fiber-Optic Shotgun Sights are Ideal for Turkey Hunting. By Nancy Jo Adams If you purchase a new field or sporting series shotgun from any reputable brand, it will most likely come equipped with a fiber-optic bead or a fiber-optic front and rear sight. Fiber-optic sights work well in improving …

H&K VP9 Vs. Walther PPQ M2

By Vic Laboy Today, we will be comparing two of the most common handguns on the market: the H&K VP9 and the Walther PPQ M2. To the untrained eye, these two models appear identical; however, there are key differences that set one apart from the other. No matter your preference, …

Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4x24mm Review: The Perfect 1-4x?

  By Kip Staton I like small, handy rifles. I’ve owned AR-15s with fixed and collapsible stocks, and barrels ranging from 14.5” all the way to full sized 20” guns. And the one configuration I’ve had the longest is a simple, non-free floated 14.5” carbine-gassed upper with a basic M4 …