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Garmont T8 Extreme GTX Boot Review

By David Link I was in the middle of a challenging scree field when I stopped to take a deep breath. A few hundred yards remained until I could step out of the scree and onto the nearby glacier, and my 65 lb. pack was really starting weigh on my …

Leupold LTO-Tracker 2 Review

Leupold makes it easier than ever to add thermal monocular to your gear essentials. Better yet it is versatile and easy to use both in the field and around the home. By David Link When I first saw the Leupold LTO Tracker Thermal a couple years ago at SHOT Show, …

Leupold RX-2800 Rangefinder Review

Leupold’s current top of the line hunting rangefinder (excluding the RBX-3000) is compact, powerful and lightning fast. By David Link The name of the game today in rangefinders is maximum distance, and each year at SHOT Show (the industry’s premier tradeshow in Las Vegas), optics companies brush shoulders as they …

NCSTAR Universal Cleaning Kit Review

These days gun cleaning kits are a dime a dozen, but there is no doubt every gun owner needs a few reliable kits in his or her safe. The real question is which brand do you trust and how much should you spend on a cleaning kit? After all, you …

SIG Sauer Legion 229 RX Compact Review

By Trampas Swanson If you are a fan of SIG SAUER firearms, then you are already aware of this company’s approach to the gun industry is to provide the finest German engineering and design. SIG firearms and accessories seem to constantly evolve within their lineup based on end user input …

Sitka Gear Mountain Hauler Dry Bag Review

By David Link Sitka Gear is well known for their impressive line of hunting apparel and gear. Whether you spot and stalk, hunt elevated from a tree stand or hunker down in a blind, Sitka Gear has you covered with a specific pattern designed just for that activity. Perhaps what …

Nikon Monarch 2000 Rangefinder Review

By Trampas Swanson Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for hunters in the wild is judging distance. Depending on the tool used, whether it be bow, crossbow, rifle, shotgun, or pistol, factoring in the wrong distance can mean the difference between a clean, humane kill and a complete miss. I …

Smith And Wesson 638 Airweight Review

By Trampas Swanson When I started my law enforcement career at the turn of this century, I was blessed to be surrounded by old war horses in the form of Sergeants and Lieutenants serving their last years on the job awaiting retirement. Most of these seasoned officers started their careers after coming …

Cheata Tactical Gun Sox Review

By Trampas Swanson As a former Law Enforcement officer, one item I have learned to respect in both the professional and civilian world of concealed carry is the need to be comfortable carrying a firearm even when it may not be the most pleasant item to wear. Too many times …