I started shooting during High School, first by participating in local, unsanctioned Smallbore events. After graduating Army IET (basic training) I realized that the Army does not know how to train marksmanship and began competing seriously, primarily in USPSA Limited class (iron sight practical pistol) and National Guard-hosted combat matches through college.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Management Computer Systems, along with a certificate in Gunsmithing, Master classifications from USPSA and IDPA, and a few Leg points, I eventually found out about the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program (ArmyReserveMarksman.info) and met Team members.


I joined SARG (Small Arms Readiness Group, formerly Small Arms Training Team) in 1999 and would spend the next decade, and most of that on active duty, as a full-time small arms instructor. During this time I picked up NRA Conventional Pistol (2700 bullseye) and High Power, but my primary discipline was the combat matches hosted by NATO. I managed a few overall wins at All Army (2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014) along with a host of trophies for individual and team matches there and at AFSAM (Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting.)

After completing active duty, I was hired as the Editor of American Gunsmith (AmericanGunsmith.wordpress.com) and founded the Firearm User Network (FirearmUserNetwork.com) to promote organized shooting events.

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