By Jason Herbert

This ghost tom lives out his days, taunting us from the middle of the field, running away laughing at us every time we try a stalk, rendering himself immune from hunters. Or is he? Many people are trying a new trick this spring. For western hunters, a spot and stalk hunt is the norm. For us eastern guys, what????

Many companies are making huge turkey fan style decoys for hiding behind during a stalk. 3D target giant Rinehart has enjoyed incredible success with their new Doloma decoy series. The Doloma decoys are not just for fall big game hunting. Rinehart has also created a Spot and Stalk Doloma turkey decoy for the adrenaline junkie turkey hunter who wants to crank up their thrill gauge. Some other options are thin, literal fan decoys, big enough for a guy to hide behind, but light enough to be mobile.

The premise of this style of turkey hunting is very simple. All someone needs to do is locate a turkey in the middle of the field. These are the same types of turkeys that most people just stare at and watch, knowing they’ll never have a chance at them. But now with the spot and stalk turkey decoy, not only are these birds accessible to hunt, you’re going to have one heck of a great time doing it.


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Set up someplace safe where the birds can’t see what you’re doing. Grab your weapon of choice and the spot and stalk decoy. Make sure you are wearing camouflage just like on a regular hunt and pay attention to every last detail like your face and hands. You will want every advantage you can get, so if possible, try to have the shining sunlight at your back and in the turkey’s eyes, Then simply hide behind the decoy and take your time working into the flock. Be sure to read the bird’s body language. If they run away, obviously stop. If they seem to pay no attention, keep moving in slowly. Who knows, they may even work toward you.

Try some calling, like social clucks while stalking the birds to make yourself appear more natural. Don’t be afraid to scratch leaves and break sticks. After all, turkeys are noisy when they travel. If all goes well, you will be able to quietly stalk your way into shooting range and will have one heck of a story on your hands when you carry the big old tom back to camp.

Regardless of your situation, whether you stalk the birds from a half mile or just need the spot and stalk turkey decoy to close the last ten yards, we guarantee this is going to be a thrill that you will never forget. As always, have fun, be safe and shoot straight.