Here at we’re a tight knit team. We’re also a diverse set of personalities with our different pursuits and hobbies. As you turn to us for products that help you enjoy the freedoms afforded by the Second Amendment, we’d like you to get to know our team better. In our on-going series, we’ll be covering our employees and the things they love to do outside of the office. First up is Sara Geer, The Operations Manager at 1800GunsAndAmmo. In her free time, Sara spends her nights and weekends training for and competing in Strongman events.

A Word From Sara

I come here all the way from Wellington, Florida. I graduated early from the University of Central Florida with my degree in Marketing. Other than training for Strongman, I enjoy spending time with my sweet beagle, Alberta, and eating… I love food!!! I miss the beach, but I have adopted Texas as my state. I first started out my Strongman journey with powerlifting and switched to training strictly for Strongman about 2 years ago.


What Is Strongman?

Strongman is a weightlifting-based sport where athletes compete in a series of challenges where they lift heavy objects or carry moderately heavy objects across a certain amount of distance. Each competition varies to some degree, and certain Strongman competitions may be focused upon heavy lifting while others are focused more upon stamina. However the most popular competitions feature a combination of the two, and events like overhead press, car dead lift, truck pull and atlas stones carry are common. Just like any sport, there are different levels and weights to fit a wide variety of competitor groups. Strongman is just as much a training regiment as it is a competitor sport, and many start Strongman to lose weight and increase strength rather than for the competitive aspect.

Q & A With Sara

1) How did you get into the sport?  What was your path?

I originally started off as a CrossFitter. I was concerned with losing weight and staying healthy. I went from about 175 to 135 lbs. I felt good, but I knew CrossFit and the “gymnastics” components of the sport weren’t for me. Since I really enjoyed just lifting heavy stuff and getting stronger, a friend suggested I get into powerlifting. I did powerlifting for a few years. I usually had very good successes at local/state meets, but I was bored with the formalities of powerlifting. Towards the end of my powerlifting “career,” I had been introduced to some of the strongman implements (kegs, logs, farmers, stones, etc.) and fell in love with the sport. I haven’t looked back since.



2) What made you want to compete vs just do it for health/fitness?

I’ve always been competitive. I have played and/or coached sports since I was in middle school. It was only a natural progression to get into competition once I found a sport I loved after I graduated college.

3) How does the sport fit for you into the balance of life?

Strongman is a sport where pretty much everyone is the same. We all go to our normal jobs during the week, train at night and compete on the weekends. There’s very few that are marked as “professional athletes.” By competing in strongman, I’m able to balance out a busy day/week. The passion I have for the sport makes me excited to train everyday and give myself that 1.5-2 hours to just train. I break from the busy everyday to take that time to myself. The non-airconditioned, warehouse gym I workout in may not be a silent “zen” that some look towards for peace, but it is my peace and a break from reality I can count on 4-5 days a week.

4) What do you see as the biggest challenge for you as it relates to your sport?

If Strongman weren’t challenging, it wouldn’t be interesting and I probably wouldn’t be answering these questions haha…

Besides getting stronger (which I work on daily), I think the biggest challenge will be competing in every competition I would like to travel to. Over the next year, I’d like to attend some bigger, out-of-state competitions (besides Nationals). I guess you could say finding the right ones and getting there without interrupting life too much will be one of my bigger challenges.



5) Is there a bucket list event in your sport that you would like to win?

My goal at the moment is to place this October at the NAS Nationals in Quad Cities, Iowa high enough to qualify for the Arnold Championships in 2016. Obviously I’d love to win both Nationals and the Arnold, but I’m aiming to qualify at this point.

Right now I have also already qualified for Nationals in 2016 and would love to be along far enough to win.

Closing Thoughts

We’ll stay with Sara as she heads to NAS Nationals this October, and we’ll have a follow up after she finishes the 2015 season. Stay tuned for more employee profiles as the year goes on.