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Smith And Wesson 638 Airweight Review

By Trampas Swanson When I started my law enforcement career at the turn of this century, I was blessed to be surrounded by old war horses in the form of Sergeants and Lieutenants serving their last years on the job awaiting retirement. Most of these seasoned officers started their careers after coming …

Galco Paragon Holster Review

By Seth R. Nadel Galco has been around for a long time, and they have a fine reputation for making quality goods at reasonable prices. Their latest iteration for concealed carry is the Galco Paragon Holster for inside the waistband (IWB) carry. It is particularly designed for those who want …

SHOT Show 2019: Best of the Best – Trampas Swanson

By Trampas Swanson It’s that time of year again where the holidays are all over and the internet fills to the limit with photos and commentary direct from Las Vegas, Nevada for every gun enthusiast’s Valhalla by the name of SHOT SHOW. This “Industry Only” event’s official name is the …

Q Series Batons by SOG

By Trampas Swanson Over recent years, the market has been flooded with a wide range of multi-tools due to an increased demand in “all-in-one” products for the growing public trend to streamline their lifestyles and yes, even their tools. A general rule of survival, even in the urban jungle is …

Three Rifles From Three Countries: Belgium – FN USA: FN15

by John M. Buol Jr. Continued from: Three Rifles From Three Countries: UK – L852A and Three Rifles From Three Countries: Australia – F90. The FN15 is a commercially-released version of an AR-15 from Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal. Before passing this off as yet-another AR-15, this is a model from more …

Concealed Carry Choices

By Seth R. Nadel This is the male version of Linda Gilbertson’s piece – To Be Or Not Be Concealed. Men and women are different in a lot of ways. We think differently, dress differently, and look different. And our choices vary as well. Women have curves, and like to …

Pheasant Hunting Gear

By Luke Brandenburg While you don’t need a ton of gear for pheasant hunting, choosing the right shotgun, shells, chokes, clothing and more will make a big difference out in the fields! When compared to many other hunts, the pile of gear you need when pheasant hunting is significantly smaller. …

Bear Hunting Tips And Strategy

By Robin Follette Bear hunting is my all-time favorite hunt. Preparation starts a month prior to opening day. I study game cam pictures carefully. When the bears begin to visit our barrels, I start studying scat to find out what they’re eating. Sighting in our rifles, moving tree stands and …

Heckler & Koch VP9 Review

By Trampas Swanson When it comes to the topic of concealed carry handguns, debates on which is the best option for carry can quickly become a heated subject. Age old arguments for and against full size frames, 9mm vs 45 ACP can range on for hours with no clear answer. …