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Is A Trauma Kit Part of Your EDC?

By Carlos Huerta A closer look at why you should carry trauma kits like the minimalist offerings from Phokus Research. Trauma kits come in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever held a trauma kit as thin as one inch? Phokus Research are known for their light, slim, and …

Advanced EDC Tactics

By Carlos Huerta Everyone’s EDC is different as most people carry differently. Your EDC defines who you are, where you work, and so on. What you carry says a lot about you. Choices in equipment are shaped by training, occupation, life style, personal taste, and even body type. EDC equipment …

Teaching Firearm Safety To Children

By Linda M. Gilbertson While a member of a School Board, I ask permission of the board to put together a class for elementary school children. This class will be on Basic Firearms Safety. I volunteer my time, education, experience and all the teaching materials. All the members of …

Carrying Spare Magazines

By Vic Laboy The idea of carrying spare magazines in addition to your firearm is often overlooked. Most assume only what’s in their weapon will suffice. Ideally, we aim for the most lightweight, yet efficient everyday carry configuration; however, sometimes you need to carry more to truly be prepared. Take …

The Four Rules of Firearm Safety

The four key rules of firearm safety and why they are important.  By Vic Laboy Most everything we do in life is governed by a set of rules. From traffic lights to office protocols, rules are inescapable. In the firearms industry there are four rules everyone should know and exercise …

How To Deal With Trespassers

By Pete Rogers For two seasons, I was unable to hunt our property that is two and a half hours away due to some family issues. It was a glorious day when my son and I were finally able to return and drive down and begin scouting and getting ready …

FMJ vs. Hollow Points – Choosing the Right Ammunition

By Vic Laboy A firearm without ammo is like a car without gas. You have it; however, it is not as useful as you intended. As you shop for ammo, take note of your application and what the intended use of the firearm is. If you are visiting the range …

9mm, .40 S&W, or .45ACP – The Triple Threat

By Vic Laboy There are countless debates when discussing which round is superior over another for defensive carry. In addition to arguments over single versus double stack, or even open carry compared to concealed, one of the more commonly debated topics is about the dominant pistol caliber. Depending on who …

Six Best Handguns for Hunting

  By Pete Rogers Selecting the right handgun for big game hunting can be daunting. There are so many excellent choices. Narrowing this down to five is going to leave some out. Here is a list of some of the finest handguns available for big game hunters. The choices are …