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Chasing The Turkey Grand Slam

  By Pete Rogers Turkey Hunting is one of America’s greatest challenges. Found in 49 states, the wild turkey is one of the most addictive and challenging game animals to pursue. Currently, the National Wild Turkey Federation recognizes five subspecies in the continental United States: The Eastern, Osceola (Florida), Merriam’s, …

Planning An Out Of State Hunt – Part 2

  By Pete Rogers Continued from Planning An Out Of State Hunt – Part 1. Plan each meal and how it will be prepared The first year a group of us went out west, we brought home more food than we take now. The learning curve was expensive and vast. …

Planning An Out Of State Hunt – Part 1

  By Pete Rogers Every autumn, vacation days are cashed in, and thousands of dollars are spent by hunters traveling to distant lands in pursuit of game. Whether you are traveling to a neighboring state or across the country, there are certain things to consider when making these plans. The …

Planning A Hunt With An Outfitter

  By Pete Rogers For years, you have dreamt of hunting far away places for species you’ve never seen in person. Money is saved and research has begun. Now the real work begins. How do you choose an outfitter for your hunt of a lifetime? What is the process? For …

Hunting Javelina

  By Tony Martins Excellent subjects for limited range weapons, javelina hunting is a blast! Some may question why anyone would drive 400 miles round-trip to hunt javelina. My neighbors certainly have – particularly when the little “pigs” as they are affectionately called, can often be found rooting up our …

Range Bag Essentials – Maintenance

By Candace Swanson Continued From: Range Bag Essentials – Gear. Maintenance on the Range In order to keep your range time problem-free with your firearm, let’s look at few products that will come in very handy on a regular basis. Bore Light As you shoot, you may wish to pay …

Range Bag Essentials – Gear

By Candace Swanson With shooting sports becoming vastly more popular in recent years as well as the rapid growth of pro-gun organizations such as The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters (TWAW), I am pleased to see more new faces each time I arrive at my local range. As a TWAW …

Planning Your First Safari

  By Pete Rogers There is a saying among hunters that goes something like this: “No one goes on only one safari.” The indication is that the experience is so life changing for hunters that they all say they wished they had done it sooner, and they will be back …

CCW In The Winter – A Male Perspective

  By Seth R. Nadel Ah winter, when you can easily wear a outer garment – or two or three. Layering was finally adopted by the Military in World War II, and it is almost universal when the temperature plummets. The down side is how to access your defensive handgun …