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Shotgun Ammo Buyers Guide

By Carlos Huerta The shotgun is the most recognizable firearm on the market with that signature “Ku-Chak” sound. Better yet, there are an impressive variety of shotgun rounds available to load into your shotgun. It’s an incredibly reliable and adaptable weapon. The shotgun can adapt to any circumstances and any …

Get To Know Form 4473

By Vic Laboy A Firearms Transaction Record, or Form 4473, is a form filled out when an individual purchases a firearm from a Federal Firearms License holder, or FFL dealer. These are used to document information collected from the transferee, as well as attaches the firearm and serial number to …

Inoculate Your Mind And Body Against Panic Dumps

By Linda M. Gilbertson Panic Dumps can be described in two ways. First is the inability to respond to a threat with a firearm due to emotional panic. The second is the inability to stop trigger pull when the threat dissipates, due to physical panic. These Panic Dumps deal …

Explore Different Shooting Stances

What is your stance (and does it matter)? By Seth R. Nadel In the beginning, there was but one stance for shooting a handgun. You held the gun in one hand, one side toward your target, and fired. Your feet were spread about shoulder’s width apart, and your weak side …

Vehicle Everyday Carry

By Carlos Huerta What is Vehicle EDC (VEDC) gear? You likely have an Everyday Carry kit, but do you have Vehicle Everyday Carry gear? A lot of people keep fire extinguishers and first aid kits in their homes. They’ll have plenty of food and water as well as their other …

Pistol Manipulation for Beginners

By Vic Laboy The time has arrived where you’ve made the decision to purchase your first firearm. If you are new to the industry, the array of options and designs may be intimidating at first. You do not need to worry as we have all been faced with the initial …

Optical Illusions: Proper Clothing For Concealed Carry

By Linda M. Gilbertson Clothing patterns can obscure your perception of what lies beneath. Since the 1960s, the fashion and textile industries discovered that clothing designs and visual optical illusions in fabric created the ability to enhance a body’s perfect portion or reduce a body’s flaw. According to the …

Smaller and Lighter Firearms: The Untold Truth

By Vic Laboy It is not uncommon to hear that a firearm is too large or that some hands have greater difficulty properly gripping the pistol. During my time behind the counter, I found the simplest way to summarize this is by equating handguns to clothing. While I am comfortable …

Is A Trauma Kit Part of Your EDC?

By Carlos Huerta A closer look at why you should carry trauma kits like the minimalist offerings from Phokus Research. Trauma kits come in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever held a trauma kit as thin as one inch? Phokus Research are known for their light, slim, and …