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Best Of SHOT Show 2018 From The Editor

  By David Link This year marked the 40th anniversary of SHOT Show, the largest industry convention centered around firearms, ammunition and outdoor gear. From the first SHOT Show in St. Louis to the now established home of the show in Las Vegas, the convention has showcased countless developments in …

SHOT Show 2018 Day Three

  As SHOT Show 2018 begins to wind down, we have more product announcements and news from some of the top brands in the industry. Vortex Vortex has a slew of new products for 2018 including advanced versions of the popular Razor HD riflescope, two new models in the value …

2018 SHOT Show Day Two

  SHOT Show day two is in the books and we have more new product announcements from some of the top brands you can find at 1800GunsAndAmmo. Sitka Gear Sitka Gear has a ton of new products announced this year including the new ESW (early season whitetail) items in the …

2018 SHOT Show Day One

  This year SHOT Show is celebrating its 40th year, and while it hasn’t always been held in Las Vegas, today it is firmly rooted at the Sands Convention Center in Vegas. Once again the showroom floor was bustling with exhibitors, buyers and media members, and all the top brands …

Views From Industry Day At The Range – SHOT 2018

  Another great day at the SHOT Show Industry Day At The Range is in the books, and we have coverage from some of the hottest new products displayed at the range. Once again media members and buyers make their way to the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol club in …

Top 5 Shotgun Myths, Busted

As with in any industry, the gun industry is rife with bad advice and some beliefs that are just plain false. While it isn’t the biggest issue to have these myths in most industries, where firearms are concerned, the myths could get downright dangerous. It’s always a good idea to …

Traditional German Hunt With Zeiss

This past fall our president Igor Motkin was invited to participate in a traditional German hunt with our friends at Zeiss Optics. We thought we’d share the experience with some background on German hunting culture, details on the gear we used and plenty of photos to capture the experience. Exploring …

The Myth Of Unarmed Attackers

Defending against the “Unarmed” attacker. By Seth R. Nadel For a long time, a stir has been made about the fact that a deceased attacker was unarmed, and so should not have been shot. These days, it’s not uncommon for a family member or friend, neither of whom were present, …

Have You Ever Wondered?

  By Pete Rogers Have you ever wondered? Have you ever sat, breeze against your cheek as dawn breaks through the horizon and wondered? Have you found yourself holding your breath mesmerized at the light that transforms fear ridden darkness into familiar comforting surroundings? Yellowish rays slicing through barren trees, …