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Adventures In Africa

  By Tony Martins Adventures in Africa They say that once you’ve hunted in Africa, the experience will infiltrate your blood and your soul. The infection causes a condition that can only be treated successfully by returning to the birthplace of humanity, and I suspect that the Garden of Eden …

New For 2016: Browning Ammo

  It’s no secret that Browning is one of the most recognizable brands in firearms and hunting around the globe. The Buckmark logo triggers instant respect from hunters and shooters everywhere, and Browning firearms have been the favorite of firearm enthusiasts ever since the Browning Auto-5 shotgun revolutionized hunting in …

How To Recognize Chronic Wasting Disease

  By David Link Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD, is a neurological disease that effects many of the animals that hunters prize like whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and moose. While hunters may never encounter an animal with CWD in their lifetime, they could just as likely run into one …

I Am A Hunter

  By Pete Rogers In a world where trophies are celebrated by measuring tapes and adventures, where testosterone trumps skill, and where experience is entrusted to paid guides, I choose to measure my time afield differently. I know I am not alone. I along with a few others measure our …

Buck Fever Realities

  Buck fever is a common problem for many hunters, whether they’ll admit it or not. Here’s how to significantly reduce its effect. by John M. Buol Jr. Tales of buck fever pervade hunting literature. We’ve all heard the stories about hunters mounting their rifles and experiencing a “hundred pound …

Employee Profiles: Sara Geer And Strongman

  Here at we’re a tight knit team. We’re also a diverse set of personalities with our different pursuits and hobbies. As you turn to us for products that help you enjoy the freedoms afforded by the Second Amendment, we’d like you to get to know our team better. …

Red Vs. Green Lasers: Smackdown

  By Guy J. Sagi Figuring out which color laser-aiming system is best for you—and your budget—can be confusing. Thankfully, it’s not rocket science, although the technology packed into these modern marvels that can make you a better shooter certainly is. Human eyes detect green better than red, an evolutionary …

1800GunsAndAmmo Helps Sponsor Free CHL Course For Service Members

  This past week, 1800GunsAndAmmo helped sponsor a free CHL course for active members of any military service branch as well as their spouses and civilian staff. The free course was taught by Dalworthington Gardens Police Chief Bill Waybourn, and it was held in nearby Arlington, also the home of …

Mirage: It’s Not What It Seems

  By Guy J. Sagi It doesn’t take a degree in physics or a working knowledge of the theory of relativity to harness the power mirage to improve your shooting. In its most basic application, it can be an advantage in hunting, explain one problem at the range, and, with …