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Finish Your Training

  By Seth R. Nadel Many have written about finishing the fight – but we also need to finish our training. By that I mean we need to train in what we are going to do immediately after a shooting, as well as in the long term. It’s not enough …

Profiling – A Realistic Tool

  By Linda M. Gilbertson “There is an old saying that a man is known by the company he keeps: his reputation depends on what sort of people he is seen with. The saying holds a larger meaning: a man knows himself through the people, the companies, he feels …

The Danger Of “Small Of The Back” Carry

  By Linda M. Gilbertson I have been under Chiropractic care since I was 22 years old.  I was a uniformed police officer.  It was either my exercise routine or the utility belt I wore when on duty or the general stress of the job that caused a pinched …

Self-Defense When Your Handgun Is Unavailable

  By Linda M. Gilbertson This article assumes that either my handgun is in the shop or has been knocked from my hand during a scuffle, or I forgot and left it at home or in my car.  This article assumes that I might not have a back-up handgun …

Expectations Can Lead To Disaster – Part 2

  By Seth R. Nadel Continued from Expectations Can Lead To Disaster – Part 1 There are other expectations in the realm of personal protection which call for closer examination. For convenience, I’ll place these in the format of the classic “BUMP” in the night. It’s late, and you hear, …

Using A Tactical Pen

  Conceal and carry isn’t for everyone. It’s a big responsibility, and there are times that for whatever reason carrying a concealed weapon isn’t practical. However, self-defense is everyone’s concern, and it’s good to have a plan for defense whether or not you conceal and carry. Self-defense classes can be …

Do I Need A Backup Gun?

  By Seth R. Nadel From time to time, this question comes up – should I carry two (or more) guns? Most often, it comes from someone who either has read Clint Smith’s famous quote: ‘Two is one, and one is none,” or these days, from someone who fears their …

Sidearms For Protection While Hunting

  By Tony Martins Do you carry a handgun for protection while hunting? Some rifle hunters may consider this a silly question – some bowhunters, not so much… While hunting elk, I once walked right into a pack of coyotes feeding on a carcass in the early morning darkness, carrying …

Survival 101 – Part 1: Be Aware, Stay Alive!

  By Linda M. Gilbertson When you’re talking about Personal Protection, the most important aspect is Situational Awareness.  If you’re not paying attention, you can’t recognize a threat and avoid a confrontation.  It sounds reasonable, but many instructors don’t consider it important.  To them what is important is the …