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New 2017 Nikon Products

  There were several exciting new Nikon product announcements on the 2017 SHOT Show floor, and now that the show is over, we thought we’d recap all the excellent products that were unveiled. Nikon Sport Optics has really stepped up their game this year, and two new rifle scope lines, …

Leica ER 5 Review: 2-10x50mm with Ballistic Reticle

  By Kip Staton It’s no secret that the United States have more hunters per capita than any other country in the world. As a nation, we just love to hunt. And if the lines of sub-$500 hunting rifles at sporting goods stores ready-to-go out of the box are any …

Budget Hunting Rifles Under $500

  A quality rifle has its place front and center in most every hunter’s gun safe. But for each hunter that is outfitted with a good hunting rifle, there are many more who want one but can’t afford one. Budget is almost always the primary concern, and most of us …

Five Reasons Not To Buy A Cheap Scope

  Recently we’ve had an on-going discussion on our YouTube channel about whether or a not a cheap scope can frankly “get the job done” for most shooters. No doubt it can be challenging for a shooter on a budget to spend at least $500 – $1000 on a rifle …

Five Versatile Reticles To Consider

  By William Brantley In this article we’re going to take a look at five of the top reticles that you should choose from to put on that brand new rifle just begging for a nice piece of glass. One question that we’ll run into is what level of precision …

Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part 2: In Use

  By Kip Staton Continued from: Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part One: Overview In Use Despite all the hype surrounding the launch and initial sales of the D-EVO and LCO, there’s nothing really extraordinary about actually using them. Yes, there is the pleasant phenomenon of having both-sight-pictures-at-the-same-time, but at the …

Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part 1: Overview

  By Kip Staton The AR-15 family of weapons has proven to be the most versatile set of rifles ever devised. They’re equally at home clearing a small, dusty room in the Middle East or harvesting game in the Eastern United States. These guns have little else to prove and …

Nikon XR Inline Muzzleloader Scope Review

  By Jason Herbert Between each gust of torrential sideways snow, I could see the buck. He was casually feeding in the late December picked bean field. A quick check with my rangefinder confirmed my best guess at the distance. With an 87 yard shot, the particular sabot and powder …

New Leupold Products For 2016

  At this year’s SHOT Show, Leupold had a lot to announce as far as product updates and redesigns go. From new optics and accessories to the launch of a signature Leupold apparel line, there was plenty to be excited about. Rifle Scopes VX-3i Rifle Scope The biggest announcement at …