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How To Select A Weapon Mounted Light

  A weapon mounted light (WML) can provide a significant advantage in self-defense and home defense situations, and if you haven’t considered one for your pistol, rifle or shotgun platform, now is the time to do so. Today’s WMLs come in a variety of configurations and styles, and you’ll want …

Best Gear For Alligator Hunting

  By Pete Rogers Since the popularity of the television show Swamp People, hunters all across the country have become enamored with hunting alligators. In my home state of South Carolina, hunting alligators is a lottery, and getting drawn is pretty much sketchy at best. In the nine years we …

Caching And Burying Firearms

  The idea of burying your guns underground seems crazy to some, but for many, it’s a logical decision to be evaluated, especially in today’s political climate. We imagine the founding fathers would adamantly support this decision even today. However you don’t just want to wrap your firearm in plastic, …

Prohibited By Amazon: Adjustable Stocks

  In our Prohibited by Amazon series, we’ve looked at items like handguards, gun slings and more. Up next we turn our attention to prohibited stocks on Amazon, namely adjustable stocks. Amazon describes these items as “any non-fixed stock, including telescoping, folding and collapsible stocks.” Adjustable stocks provide a wealth …

Bullpup Basics

  By Seth R. Nadel Bullpup – what an odd name for something that has nothing to do with either cattle or dogs. A Bullpup is a rifle or shotgun, where the action lies behind the trigger group. This allows a long barrel in a short overall length firearm. The …

Italy’s AR: The Beretta AR 70/90

  By John M. Buol Jr. “What a f***in’ cool lookin’ rifle.” Sgt. Chuck Pruitt’s sentiment echoed off the concrete walls of our Camp Stanley storage bunker as we were preparing a number of weapons for an upcoming range session. I looked over at the CIOR (Military Pentathlon) team locker …

Ruger American Predator 308 Review: Best Budget Bolt Gun?

  By Kip Staton I first encountered the Ruger American rifles while working for a large firearms retailer in 2012. Immediately upon logging the guns into our system, I noticed something different about them. These guns just didn’t “feel” like the ~$350 dollar price tag suggested they should. The Ruger …

My Top Five Gun Brands: Guy Sagi

  By Guy J. Sagi Companies invest millions to attract customers and build the kind of brand loyalty to keep them coming back. The firearm industry does it, too, but the approach is slightly different because gun owners aren’t as fad driven as the typical consumer. If we surrender to …

Shooting Gets A Bum-Wrap At The Olympics!

  By Linda M. Gilbertson Little is known of the shooting events at the Olympics. Although they require tremendous stamina and discipline, they are given a ‘Bum-Wrap’ by the media specifically, and society in general.  The rifle, pistol and shotgun are demonized and their involvement in the most prestigious …