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Historic Firearms: 20 Gauge Hammer Gun

  By Pete Rogers “A gun without hammers is like a spaniel without ears.” King George V said circa 1920 in reference to the modern shotgun. No doubt the look of a double gun with hammers is breathtaking. The curves of the hammer, the sound of the cocking and the …

The Guns Of Today’s Rifle “Maestro”

  By Seth R. Nadel I have previously written about the guns of a “Pistolero,” which I defined as a person who is reasonably expert with all kinds of handguns. Handed in any kind of handgun, modern or historic, the Pistolero knows how to operate most of them, and can …

Brand Loyalty – 5 Brands I Stick By: Kip Staton

  By Kip Staton One of the unique things about the firearms and outdoors consumer industry is that we don’t really need a lot of this stuff. Once your 2A-defense-of-the-homeland/civilization-meltdown gear is squared away, a ninth or tenth AR-15 just doesn’t quite fall into the same budget category as new …

Walther PPS M2 Product Review

  By Trampas Swanson Typically, when someone sees Walther Arms mentioned in a review, it is shortly followed by the traditional James Bond or 007 references due to a clear lack of understanding of the rich and full history of the company itself. For over 130 years, the firearms industry …

The CZ52 Pistol

  By Mike Searson One of the most unusual designs to come from arms maker Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) is the CZ52 pistol. Over 200,000 of these single action pistols were built between 1952 and 1954, and they served the Czech military for over 30 years. After the fall of the …

The Guns Of The Modern Pistolero

  By Seth R. Nadel Pistolero? What is a Pistolero? For our purposes, it is a person who can reasonably be called an expert with all kinds of handguns. Handed any kind of handgun, modern or historic, the Pistolero knows how to operate most of them, and he or she …

Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part 2: In Use

  By Kip Staton Continued from: Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part One: Overview In Use Despite all the hype surrounding the launch and initial sales of the D-EVO and LCO, there’s nothing really extraordinary about actually using them. Yes, there is the pleasant phenomenon of having both-sight-pictures-at-the-same-time, but at the …

Leupold D-EVO/LCO Review – Part 1: Overview

  By Kip Staton The AR-15 family of weapons has proven to be the most versatile set of rifles ever devised. They’re equally at home clearing a small, dusty room in the Middle East or harvesting game in the Eastern United States. These guns have little else to prove and …

Ruger American Pistol Review

  By Trampas Swanson Throughout the history of the United States firearm industry, few names have consistently had as big an impact on the market as the Ruger Firearms Company. With iconic designs such as the Mini-14, Mark series .22 pistols and 10-22 rifles, Ruger is no stranger to setting …