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New 2017 Nikon Products

  There were several exciting new Nikon product announcements on the 2017 SHOT Show floor, and now that the show is over, we thought we’d recap all the excellent products that were unveiled. Nikon Sport Optics has really stepped up their game this year, and two new rifle scope lines, …

SHOT Show Range Day 2017

  By David Link SHOT Show’s Industry Day At The Range provides an unique opportunity to try out new products that will appear on the SHOT Show floor later in the week. This annual event is held at the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club outside of the Las Vegas …

Leica ER 5 Review: 2-10x50mm with Ballistic Reticle

  By Kip Staton It’s no secret that the United States have more hunters per capita than any other country in the world. As a nation, we just love to hunt. And if the lines of sub-$500 hunting rifles at sporting goods stores ready-to-go out of the box are any …

2017 Outdoor Resolutions

  It’s resolution season, and whether you admit it out loud or not, most everyone has a resolution of some sort. While you may decide to focus on losing weight or working out more, there are also plenty of outdoor resolutions you can make, and many of them go hand …

Deer Forecast Across the Nation

  By Pete Rogers Whitetail deer – specifically whitetail bucks account for more hunters’ time, dollars and impact than any other game animal in North America. Some would argue that the whitetail deer is the most important game animal in North America. When you look at the resources poured into …

Upland Hunter’s Christmas List

  By Pete Rogers Family, friends and spouses of hunters always face a dilemma when Christmas rolls around. What do I get the bird hunter in my family? There are so many items to choose from. Most hunters will be happy with most anything related to our passion. However, there …

Partridge and Grouse Hunting Gear

  By Luke Brandenburg The best partridge and grouse hunters always bring the right gear to the hunt. Taking unnecessary items will weigh you down, but forgetting the essentials can ruin your hunt! Of all the upland game birds, partridge and grouse are definitely some of the most challenging to …

Pheasant Hunting Gear

  By Luke Brandenburg While you don’t need a ton of gear for pheasant hunting, choosing the right shotgun, shells, chokes, clothing and more will make a big difference out in the fields! When compared to many other hunts, the pile of gear you need when pheasant hunting is significantly …

Intro Guide To Stalking Whitetail

  Stalking is an important skill in any hunters arsenal, especially when they are hunting keen animals like whitetail. Deer have a superior sense of smell and razor sharp eyes (in some regards), and their hearing is just as good as ours. All this adds up to a formidable animal …