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A Ring Of Holsters – Part 2

  By Seth Nadel Continued from A Ring Of Holsters – Part 1. Moving Clockwise Next, let us look at the sector from 12:00 to about 2:00 – the “appendix carry” spot, just to the right of the belt buckle. Now I carry a gun here on occasion, in an …

The “Rise” Challenge for Women

  By Linda M. Gilbertson When you hear the word “rise” you think of the rise of the muzzle of your firearm.  This word also appears in the purchase of pants.  This is particularly important for women as the “rise” of their pants will determine IWB vs. OWB carry. …

The Guns of Cowboy Action Shooting – Part 2

  Continued from The Guns of Cowboy Action Shooting – Part 1. Lever Action Force Multiplier Heralded as the “Gun that won the west,” the lever action rifle quickly became a military force multiplier during the American Civil War. The U.S. Army previously employed slow to reload rifles such as …

The Guns of Cowboy Action Shooting – Part 1

  By Trampas Swanson Perhaps one of America’s most storied times in U.S. history is that of the fabled “Old West.” Wrapped in gallant tales of both fact and fiction of the 1800’s North American frontier, legendary figures such as Tom Horn, Wyatt Earp and Jessie James span both sides …

USCCA Exhibitors at Atlanta Expo Offered Conceal Carry Gear for Women

  By Nancy Jo Adams With the state of society in these times, it has never been more important than now to be concerned with personal protection. Not only is it important to have the knowledge of properly stowing conceal carry weapons and how to effectively use them, it is …

I Go Light: Every Day Carry Options

  By Guy J. Sagi It would be inaccurate to use a broad brush and paint everyone a mall ninja who recommends toting around enough gear to put up a stiff resistance in a well-orchestrated terrorist attack. There’s no such thing as too much self-defense/survival gear in an emergency, so …

Four from GALCO: The Miami Classic, FLETCH, SOB and Gunsite Training Holster

  By Mike Searson Concealed Carry laws have undergone a tremendous change over the past 2 decades. Forty out of all fifty states are now considered “shall-issue.” In other words, if you are a law-abiding citizen and are not prohibited from owning a firearm, you can apply for a concealed …

Holster Brands To Consider

  Are you in the market for a new holster for your handgun or revolver? It can be tough to wade through all the options, but not to worry, we’ve listed out several great holster brands you can find right here at 1800GunsAndAmmo. From all the must-have conceal and carry …

When It Is Your First Time To Carry Concealed

  By Seth R. Nadel The first time you carry a handgun concealed means you have past two milestones. One is universal – you have decided that you are your own First Responder – that when a threat is here, the police may be way over there. The second is …