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Gift Ideas for AR-15 Owners

  By Guy J. Sagi There’s good news, and some bad, if you have an AR-15 owner on your holiday shopping list. More quality gear and accessories are available than ever before, which should help erase memories of last year’s root canal-rivaling pain. The bad news is the AR-15’s adaptability …

Prohibited By Amazon: Adjustable Stocks

  In our Prohibited by Amazon series, we’ve looked at items like handguards, gun slings and more. Up next we turn our attention to prohibited stocks on Amazon, namely adjustable stocks. Amazon describes these items as “any non-fixed stock, including telescoping, folding and collapsible stocks.” Adjustable stocks provide a wealth …

Prohibited By Amazon: Handguards

  In our continuing series on what Amazon won’t sell you but we will, we turn to a popular AR platform accessory: the handguard. Amazon lists these prohibited items as: “Multi-rail systems, including quad rails and rail covers, free-floating and drop-in handguards.” The handguard is one of the most popular …

The Basics On Back Up Sights

  By Mike Searson There was a time in the history of shooting when all training was performed with iron sights. Optics on a rifle used to be considered exotic and used by snipers, sharpshooters or designated marksmen. This began to change after night vision became accepted by the US …

Going Off The Rails: Key-Mod, M-Lok, Picatinny, Weaver, And Rail Systems Explained

  By Jorge Amselle In the bad old days if you wanted to add an optic to your rifle you had to take it to a gunsmith who drilled and tapped the receiver in order to install scope rings. And if you wanted to get tactical by adding a flashlight …

Selecting A Versatile AR Lower Receiver

  By Jorge Amselle One of the greatest things about the AR platform is just how incredibly versatile it can be. Since the only part of the rifle that is legally considered a gun is the lower receiver (which contains the fire control group) and since it is so simple …

How To Choose An AR Stock

  By David Curtis I believe at this point it’s safe to say that the AR-15 is the most modular firearm of all time. It was probably already true at the beginning of the global war on terror, but its popularity and the dazzling variety of accessory options has absolutely …

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Shooting Innovations Recoil Reducing Device Review

  By Mike Burchett I had the chance to try something new this past weekend. I’ve had this idea for a while and it all started when I began watching The Walking Dead. My mind often wanders to a post apocalyptic time where I must find sanctuary with minimal gear …

How To Evaluate High-End AR-15 Triggers

  By Trampas Swanson The AR-15: Perhaps the most widely sold firearm in American history; truly today’s modern musket in all sense of the term. It’s not uncommon for the average AR-15 enthusiast to own not one, but multiple rifles of this design. As the industry develops new and better …