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NRA Annual Meeting – Atlanta 2017

  By Pete Rogers After attending the NRA annual Meeting in Atlanta, two things really stand out with the experience. First, why would I ever go to Atlanta again? With a long history of some of the worst traffic in the nation, it proved it once again when it …

What Makes “Match” Ammo Match Grade? And is It Worth it?

  By Kip Staton When you buy a gun, you normally lay out a fixed amount of cash and leave the store with your purchase. Cash changes hands, and unless you have a list of aftermarket upgrades, that’s usually the end of the story. Your expenses end then and …

Hornady Match Ammunition Review: 308 Winchester 168 Grain AMAX

  By Kip Staton Hornady is well known for their zero-compromise attitude when it comes to bullet design and construction. Does the same hold true when those same bullets are loaded into their Match Ammunition line? Let’s take a look. First, the details: Caliber: 308 Winchester G1 Ballistic Coefficient: .450 …

Expectations Can Lead To Disaster!

  By Seth R. Nadel What you expect to happen is colored by your personal history, your background, training, and experience. Around guns, your expectation can lead to all kinds of unexpected, and undesirable, results. Expecting a gun to be unloaded – or loaded – when it is not is …

Early Goose Gear

  By Jason Herbert “Hold tight boys… here they come… OK take ‘em!” “BOOM! Boom Boom Boom…” Out of the seven geese we killed four, and I know two of them fell to my shotgun. After several hoots hollers and high-fives, we nestled back into our makeshift blinds for what …

First Look: SIG Ammunition

  By Trampas Swanson As the firearms industry entered 2016, there seemed to be a growing trend I noticed during the industry only SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, NV. More and more firearms manufacturers have been stepping outside the realm of just producing firearms and entering into other aspects such …

Dove Hunting Shotguns and Shell Loads

  By Luke Brandenburg The speedy dove leaves thousands of confident shooters in dismay every year. Make sure that you have a good shotgun and the right shell loads so that you can increase your hit/miss ratio this season! Dove hunting is a sport that people of all ages and …

Shotgun Shells For Fall Hunting Season

  Hunting season is coming up quick, and it’s time to load up on plenty of shotshells for the season. In the course of a fall hunting season, hunters will take aim at doves, upland birds, fall turkey in some areas, and waterfowl with their shotgun, and they’ll need a …

What Are You Training For?

  Firearms training is a very important facet of gun ownership, and self-defense training can be a particularly demanding portion of training. There are a lot of factors to consider in any self-defense scenario, and you want to be familiar with most if not all of these scenarios. If you’re …