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The Basics Of AR Customization

  By Mike Searson In 2012 the AR15 rifle outpaced the venerable Winchester Model 94 as “America’s Rifle.” The reasons are varied, having served the US Armed Forces for over 50 years is certainly a motivating factor, being extremely user friendly is another and finally the rifle is particularly prone …

Rifle Slings Comparison: Single-Point, 2-Point, 3-Point and Elmer Fudd

  By Jorge Amselle I don’t know when the first rifle sling was invented but it likely coincided with the first lazy soldier being handed a medieval hand cannon and told to march around with it. Skip ahead a few hundred years and leather slings on muskets and rifles were …

Ruger Blackhawk: Versatility and Durability in the Spirit of the Old West

  -By Tony Martins– The Ruger Blackhawk Single-Action Revolver has been in continuous production for 60 years. Though not without a few changes along the way, this is nonetheless a remarkable record for this venerable six-shooter. Trying to come up with another product from the mid-1950’s in the durable goods …

What Is The One Firearm You Can’t Live Without?

  By David Link When you think about the most important weapon in your gun safe, what would be the one gun you can’t live without? Let’s set aside family heirlooms and rare guns and just talk in basics for a while. Factors like the place you live, the shooting …

Pistol Action Overview

  -By Luke Brandenburg– From the classic single action revolver of the Wild West to the fully automatic “machine pistols” used in warfare today, there are many different types of pistol actions available. Learn some basics about pistol action styles before you buy your next handgun! For those unfamiliar with …

How To Select A Conceal And Carry Holster For Women

  Women who CCW, or carry a concealed weapon, are presented with new challenges as they evaluate holsters, but they can also benefit from distinct advantages that are not typically available to men. If you are a woman new to CCW, first you need to consider whether you want to …

Should You Buy An Extended Choke Tube?

  By David Link We’re in the middle of turkey season, and while most if not all of your gear is already squared away, there is another accessory worth considering, and not just for turkey season. Extended choke tubes are becoming more and more popular today, but you may have …

The Appleseed Project

  Forging Responsible Citizens Through Marksmanship -By John Buol– The All Army Smallarms Championships loomed and I needed to train for it. Mobilized to active duty and assigned to a military post without readily-available range facilities for personal use, my only option was an abandoned quarry zoned for shooting. The …

How To Choose A Pistol Light

  By David Curtis Today I want to look at what I feel is one of the most important and yet often neglected firearm accessories, particularly for weapons that may be used in self-defense. I’m referring to the flashlight. I want to look at why lights are important, which ones …