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Rifle Scope Or Red Dot? Which To Choose

  By David Link It may sound like a simple question, or even a no-brainer, but the conundrum of choosing a rifle scope vs. red dot / reflex sight can be a difficult decision for some, especially if they plan to shoot only shorter distances. Personal preference is usually the …

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The Kel-Tec PMR-30 – A Fire-Breathing Zombie Deterrent

  By Tony Martins As a writer with an opinion about almost everything outdoors, I field my fair share of questions. For the past couple of years one of the most frequently asked questions has been: “Do you know somebody who can get me one of those 30-shot .22 Magnum …

What To Do In The Hunting Off-season

  By Jason Herbert Finally the hunting season is over. Since the middle of September I have woke up early and got to bed late. I lived off Cliff Bars while in my truck, and spent my favorite time of year chasing the whitetail deer. Now I got a few …

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Shotgun Shooting Sports: Learning to Compete with the Pros

  By Luke Brandenburg Are you ready to take your shooting skills to the next level? Competing with professional shotgun shooters may be a lofty goal, but with solid fundamentals, a determination to perfect your game and a lot of good advice along the way, you will be on your …

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Classic Guns You Should Purchase Today

  By David Link Some firearms never go out of style. Whether they are well-kept originals, restored classics, or new production models of longstanding designs, collectors and firearm enthusiasts should always keep the following firearms on their wishlist. Let’s examine some classic firearms that are great to own, stand the …

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Shooting Innovations Recoil Reducing Device Review

  By Mike Burchett I had the chance to try something new this past weekend. I’ve had this idea for a while and it all started when I began watching The Walking Dead. My mind often wanders to a post apocalyptic time where I must find sanctuary with minimal gear …

How To Determine Your Best Field Shooting Positions

  By John Buol Shots afield are always freestyle. Provided the hunter hits, there is no wrong approach. In contrast, shooting positions are dictated in many forms of organized shooting. In some competitions, specific distances and strings of fire will direct what position to use and when. Little variability is …

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How To Select A Gun Safe

  By David Link The selection of the right gun safe is an important choice, and one that requires research and forethought. A gun safe is a significant investment just like the firearms it will hold, and it is prudent to choose a quality safe that will protect your cherished …

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Shooting Sports 101: An Overview of Trap, Skeet, and Clay Shooting

  By Luke Brandenburg Shotgun shooting sports have been growing in popularity for over a century in the United States. They offer an excellent way to practice your skills or simply to enjoy your shotgun with friends. Each shooting sport offers its own unique way to shatter some clay! For …