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The “Rise” Challenge for Women

  By Linda M. Gilbertson When you hear the word “rise” you think of the rise of the muzzle of your firearm.  This word also appears in the purchase of pants.  This is particularly important for women as the “rise” of their pants will determine IWB vs. OWB carry. …

SIG M400 Review With Romero 5 And Whiskey 3 Optics

  By Trampas Swanson Over the past decade, the hottest growing firearms platform in the industry has been by far the AR-15. With the recent “assault weapons ban” scare drummed up in the waning years of the Obama administration, production ramped up double time to keep up with panic buying. …

Equal Opportunities In Marksmanship Programs

  Marksmanship programs have been the longest serving and most equal opportunity compliant readiness resource in history. by John M. Buol Jr. Equal Opportunity programs are intended to direct and sustain a comprehensive effort to maximize human potential and to ensure fair treatment for all persons based solely on merit, …

Exploring Different AR Setups

  By Seth R. Nadel America’s Rifle, the AR15, is the most widely distributed rifle in the nation. They can be assembled in an infinite number of configurations, for a nearly infinite number of purposes, in a wide array of calibers. They can also be used for a vast number …

Q Series Batons by SOG

By Trampas Swanson Over recent years, the market has been flooded with a wide range of multi-tools due to an increased demand in “all-in-one” products for the growing public trend to streamline their lifestyles and yes, even their tools. A general rule of survival, even in the urban jungle is …

Havalon EXP Knife Review

  By David Link Havalon has been a leader in hunting knives for years, but their newest knife builds upon the company’s strengths while branching out in a new direction. We review their new every day carry model, the Havalon EXP. The EXP is Havalon’s first everyday carry (EDC) knife, …

Tactical Course Preparation

  Getting maximum value out of your tactical training dollar. by John M. Buol Jr. If you’re interested in learning or improving tactical shooting skills, there is no shortage of instructors and schools offering courses. Taking a good class from a reputable instructor will fast track your ability, but it …

Taurus 941 .22 Magnum Revolver Review

  By Trampas Swanson Whether it’s camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or even just plinking, the need for a dependable small-bore handgun will always be greater than any other platform. With the lighter weight than that of a larger caliber gun and the ability to carry to a couple hundred rounds …

Keep Your Hunting Eye Sharp

  By Jason Herbert There’s only one way to continue to get better at something, and that is by doing it. Therefore, it makes logical sense that hunters should be practicing their shooting skills throughout the summer. Here’s a quick guide for how to stay sharp, and a few products …