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SIG Legion 229 Review

  By Trampas Swanson Often referred to as the “choice of professionals,” SIG Sauer has a highly regarded reputation for manufacturing accurate and reliable firearms throughout its history. The lives of Militaries, Law Enforcement and civilians around the world depend on SIG products every day and regularly provide feedback to …

The FN MAGM240-series of Machine Guns

  By John M. Buol Jr. The “’Devil’s Paintbrush” has been a mainstay of modern military small arms since the machine gun first earned that moniker during the First World War. In the course of a few short, bloody years, machine guns uprooted many tactical principles, many of which had …

SIG Sauer Legion 226

  By Trampas Swanson In the world of the true modern warrior, there are view names in the fields of military Special Operations, law enforcement and private contracting as highly regarded when it comes to the traditional double action combat pistol as SIG Sauer. Often heralded in the industry as …

Spyderco Endura Knife Review

  By Trampas Swanson Perhaps the most underrated and over looked daily tool for the average person is that of a good quality pocket knife. While not as glamourous and flashy as a concealed carry pistol, the pocket knife often comes into use daily from everything from common utility applications …

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Review

  An unforgettable Christmas gift. By Jason Herbert My personal waterfowl caller, guide and decoy carrier happens to be my oldest son. We work as a team and have made several incredible memories together in the woods. I’m the expert turkey caller and guide, and he’s the waterfowl expert. We …

The Mk19 Grenade Machine Gun

  By John M. Buol Jr. “Small arm” is a relative term. NATO defines this as any individual or crew-portable direct fire weapon with a bore diameter less than 50 mm, even if capable of defeating light armor and helicopters. In the US military it typically means any weapon that …

Ruger SP101 Review – Part 2

  Continued from Ruger SP101 Review – Part 1. By Trampas Swanson For both versions of the SP101, the upgrades for the new model clearly show Ruger listens to their customers. The traditional black plastic panel grips were replaced with one piece rubber grips with beautiful rosewood inserts bearing the …

Ruger SP101 Review – Part 1

  By Trampas Swanson Since opening its doors in 1949, the Sturm Ruger Company has proven to be an industry leader in the world of firearms with everything from the production of their 10/22 series of .22 caliber rifles to the handgun hunter’s favorite, the Super Redhawk .44 Magnum. The …

Benelli Super Vinci Packs Unique Style in a Reliable Shotgun

  By Nancy Jo Adams The Benelli Super Vinci, another quality, dependable shotgun by Benelli USA designed for those turkey and duck hunters who prefer to shoot magnum loads. I was able to field test this model on an Arkansas duck hunt where it performed well and I found it …