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How To Sell A Handgun To A Woman – Part 2

  Education to Seal the Deal By Linda M. Gilbertson At the furniture store where I bought my Queen Size Mattress Set, what sealed the deal was the education I received in mattresses and their construction.  Having back issues, I knew that I needed something firm, but not so …

How To Sell A Handgun To A Woman – Part 1

  Communicate to grab her interest. By Linda M. Gilbertson Recently I purchased a Queen Size Mattress Set and the customer service I received “blew the competition away.”  The shooting industry is based also on customer service and all media outlets are full of advice on how to sell …

Gun Range Etiquette

  A visit to your local gun range can be great fun, and it’s a valuable way to hone your marksmanship skills in a comfortable environment. However, if you or a fellow range visitor don’t adhere to basic range etiquette, the environment can quickly become uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor …

How To Select A Weapon Mounted Light

  A weapon mounted light (WML) can provide a significant advantage in self-defense and home defense situations, and if you haven’t considered one for your pistol, rifle or shotgun platform, now is the time to do so. Today’s WMLs come in a variety of configurations and styles, and you’ll want …

Partridge and Grouse Hunting Gear

  By Luke Brandenburg The best partridge and grouse hunters always bring the right gear to the hunt. Taking unnecessary items will weigh you down, but forgetting the essentials can ruin your hunt! Of all the upland game birds, partridge and grouse are definitely some of the most challenging to …

Using A Tactical Pen

  Conceal and carry isn’t for everyone. It’s a big responsibility, and there are times that for whatever reason carrying a concealed weapon isn’t practical. However, self-defense is everyone’s concern, and it’s good to have a plan for defense whether or not you conceal and carry. Self-defense classes can be …

Intro Guide To Stalking Whitetail

  Stalking is an important skill in any hunters arsenal, especially when they are hunting keen animals like whitetail. Deer have a superior sense of smell and razor sharp eyes (in some regards), and their hearing is just as good as ours. All this adds up to a formidable animal …

Hunting Deer From The Ground

  Many hunters spend deer season in tree stands, especially those in the Midwest and Eastern US. It’s the most widely accepted method of hunting whitetails, and it provides a superior vantage point while removing the hunter from the deer’s immediate vision. If hunters don’t use a tree stand, a …

Best Gear For Alligator Hunting

  By Pete Rogers Since the popularity of the television show Swamp People, hunters all across the country have become enamored with hunting alligators. In my home state of South Carolina, hunting alligators is a lottery, and getting drawn is pretty much sketchy at best. In the nine years we …