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How To Determine Your Best Field Shooting Positions

  By John Buol Shots afield are always freestyle. Provided the hunter hits, there is no wrong approach. In contrast, shooting positions are dictated in many forms of organized shooting. In some competitions, specific distances and strings of fire will direct what position to use and when. Little variability is …

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How To Select A Gun Safe

  By David Link The selection of the right gun safe is an important choice, and one that requires research and forethought. A gun safe is a significant investment just like the firearms it will hold, and it is prudent to choose a quality safe that will protect your cherished …

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Shooting Sports 101: An Overview of Trap, Skeet, and Clay Shooting

  By Luke Brandenburg Shotgun shooting sports have been growing in popularity for over a century in the United States. They offer an excellent way to practice your skills or simply to enjoy your shotgun with friends. Each shooting sport offers its own unique way to shatter some clay! For …

How To Evaluate High-End AR-15 Triggers

  By Trampas Swanson The AR-15: Perhaps the most widely sold firearm in American history; truly today’s modern musket in all sense of the term. It’s not uncommon for the average AR-15 enthusiast to own not one, but multiple rifles of this design. As the industry develops new and better …

Youth Turkey Hunting Tips

  By David Link Has your son or daughter expressed interest in hunting this year? Or is there another young hunter out there who wants to get into the sport but doesn’t have anyone to take them under the wing? Well this year is the year to initiate another young …

Turkey Hunting Tips And Tactics From The Pros

  By Nancy Jo Adams With turkey hunting being my passion, I have had the opportunity over the years to talk with some of the industry’s most popular turkey hunters. I sought out two of these notorious turkey hunters, Eddie Salter and Preston Pittman, to give us their tactics on …

Essential Checklist For Firearm Maintenance

  By David Link Any substantial investment deserves protection, and this is certainly the case for those valued firearms that you store in your gun safe. Even if you’re a first time firearm owner, a good collection of maintenance tools and cleaning materials is something you should always have around …

How the Right Choke Tube Can Help You Grab More Gobblers

  By Luke Brandenburg Choke tubes represent one of the most important tools for getting the results you want, especially for turkey hunters. Those who understand how they work and how to use them will have an advantage over other turkey hunters this season! To anyone who hunts with a …

Five Versatile Shotguns For New Hunters

  By David Link As I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend the other day, they commented on how they would like to get into turkey hunting this season but that they needed a shotgun. For those hunters who already own a shotgun, a “Top Turkey Guns For …