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What Is The One Firearm You Can’t Live Without?

  By David Link When you think about the most important weapon in your gun safe, what would be the one gun you can’t live without? Let’s set aside family heirlooms and rare guns and just talk in basics for a while. Factors like the place you live, the shooting …

Pistol Action Overview

  -By Luke Brandenburg– From the classic single action revolver of the Wild West to the fully automatic “machine pistols” used in warfare today, there are many different types of pistol actions available. Learn some basics about pistol action styles before you buy your next handgun! For those unfamiliar with …

Should You Buy An Extended Choke Tube?

  By David Link We’re in the middle of turkey season, and while most if not all of your gear is already squared away, there is another accessory worth considering, and not just for turkey season. Extended choke tubes are becoming more and more popular today, but you may have …

The Appleseed Project

  Forging Responsible Citizens Through Marksmanship -By John Buol– The All Army Smallarms Championships loomed and I needed to train for it. Mobilized to active duty and assigned to a military post without readily-available range facilities for personal use, my only option was an abandoned quarry zoned for shooting. The …

Affordable Rifle Scopes – A Three Brand Comparison

  By David Link These days you can get a lot of bang for your buck when shopping for a rifle scope. To help you narrow your search, we’ve selected three well-known brands that offer good scope options in the $150 – $250 price range: Redfield, Vortex, and Hawke. Today …

7 Reasons To Carry A Concealed Weapon

  By David Link We’ve put together this list of the seven most common reasons to start carrying a concealed weapon, and those who are still considering whether or not to carry will find it a helpful source of information as they weigh the decision. Carrying a concealed weapon isn’t …

Shotgun Customization

  By Luke Brandenburg Due to an array of custom options and upgrades, the shotguns of today offer excellent performance in many different applications from tactical warfare and home defense to sport shooting and hunting. Learn more about what you can do to customize your favorite shotgun! The modern shotgun …

What To Do In The Hunting Off-season

  By Jason Herbert Finally the hunting season is over. Since the middle of September I have woke up early and got to bed late. I lived off Cliff Bars while in my truck, and spent my favorite time of year chasing the whitetail deer. Now I got a few …

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Classic Guns You Should Purchase Today

  By David Link Some firearms never go out of style. Whether they are well-kept originals, restored classics, or new production models of longstanding designs, collectors and firearm enthusiasts should always keep the following firearms on their wishlist. Let’s examine some classic firearms that are great to own, stand the …