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7 Reasons To Carry A Concealed Weapon

  By David Link We’ve put together this list of the seven most common reasons to start carrying a concealed weapon, and those who are still considering whether or not to carry will find it a helpful source of information as they weigh the decision. Carrying a concealed weapon isn’t …

Shotgun Customization

  By Luke Brandenburg Due to an array of custom options and upgrades, the shotguns of today offer excellent performance in many different applications from tactical warfare and home defense to sport shooting and hunting. Learn more about what you can do to customize your favorite shotgun! The modern shotgun …

What To Do In The Hunting Off-season

  By Jason Herbert Finally the hunting season is over. Since the middle of September I have woke up early and got to bed late. I lived off Cliff Bars while in my truck, and spent my favorite time of year chasing the whitetail deer. Now I got a few …

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Classic Guns You Should Purchase Today

  By David Link Some firearms never go out of style. Whether they are well-kept originals, restored classics, or new production models of longstanding designs, collectors and firearm enthusiasts should always keep the following firearms on their wishlist. Let’s examine some classic firearms that are great to own, stand the …

Magpul PMAGs – Everything You Wanted To Know

  By David Curtis Magpul Industries Corp makes two different 30 round AR magazines that do almost exactly the same thing. Why would they do that? And which one is right for you? We’ll explore the differences and similarities of the two designs together so that you’ll be able to …

Magazines: Understanding Capacity Restrictions

  Magazine capacity restrictions are a hotly debated topic today, and like it or not, you have to factor them in when you’re shopping for a variety of firearms including rifles and pistols. We take a second to examine many of the bans in place today as well as the …

The Importance of Extra Ammo?

  By Jason Herbert Recently while reading James Wesley Rawles book “Patriots” I got to thinking… about a lot of things. The book details in very realistic fiction how fragile the U.S. economy is, and how quickly it could collapse. At that point our paper currency as we know it …

Turkey Hunting Tips And Tactics From The Pros

  By Nancy Jo Adams With turkey hunting being my passion, I have had the opportunity over the years to talk with some of the industry’s most popular turkey hunters. I sought out two of these notorious turkey hunters, Eddie Salter and Preston Pittman, to give us their tactics on …

The Monolith of Mediocre: Benchrest Considered Harmful

  By John Buol There is never a practical need for a field or hunting rifle to touch a benchrest. Never. True, you often see benchrests used on ranges (in America, at least) and discussed in gun literature, but this is a result of institutional inertia and not based on …